Friday, February 27, 2009

Website (finally) Complete

We have finally completed the first of our website. We have posted some information about the programs and a few of the partnerships we have established as well as a little bit more about us. We encourage you you visit the site, and read some of the stories (click the word STORIES on the left hand side). We also have many photos and a few videos linked to the site. We will continue to add content as we have time.

We are excited to see the paperwork slowly working its way through. As most know, it's always tough getting started. We have assigned our initial Board members and will be having our first meeting in a couple days to discuss progress, direction and expanding the working Board by 3-5 people. We will then launch out to make more contacts with organizations already involved in various aspects of what we do, but in other areas/countries. We polan to learn from them and work with them to bring more aid and support to Zambia.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Zambia Project Website...

The homepage of our new site is now up. You can visit to see what's available right now. You'll notice the links down the left side; including the Blog (this one), the Photos (on Flickr) and Videos (on YouTube, more to come) and Stories (which we haven't established yet). You will also notice toward the bottom of the left side, the Goals we have for 2009. You can open and view this PDF and get an idea of what we have planned for this year.