Friday, May 29, 2009

We Are Back In Zambia

2 days ago we arrived in Zambia for another medical mission trip. Our bags, however, decided to wait another 24 hours. So last night we traveled back to the airport, some 45 minutes on way, HOPING they would be there - and they were. We were (no doubt) excited as they contained not only our clothing (to replace the clothes we had been wearing for 4 days, but also much of the optical equipment and used glasses we will be using during the clinic.

We have 4 people in country right now meeting with officials, help visiting clinics, talking with other organizations (with operations already here. Three of us will return to the states june 11th, but the fourth will remain working out details on the clinic and meeting with more officials. We have many meetings and places to visit today and should know more about our direction and priority by the end of the day, but as it is always true in Africa - things change. You have to be flexible and adaptable and b ready when opportunities come and wait patiently as the evolve.

Our agriculture division, led by Richard Myers, has made great headway over the past three years and has several operating farms and training locations. Richard will return to Zambia in June/July and continue the hands on efforts with the locals. Obviously drip-irrigation, well drilling and basic ag education is tremendously helpful to those not accustom to raising crops.

We hope to post more tomorrow but internet connection is sketchy and we'll be heading out to the bush in 2 days and literally out of touch for 9 days. Please continue to check back in and monitor the working being conducted here. We are excited about the doors that are opening and await further resources to follow-though with some of these.

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